Meet Adecco's 2011 Associate of the Year 

Congratulations to our Associate of the year!

Becky Crain, our 2011 associate of the year
Becky Crain, our 2011 associate of the year

Becky Crain joined Adecco in September, 2010 as a customer service and sales representative for a technology company. More than two years later, the client remains thrilled with Becky’s performance, professionalism and flexibility.

Becky is routinely asked to take on new responsibilities that would typically be handled by multiple employees and require the client to hire, train and onboard additional staff. She is always up for the challenge and adeptly tackles the new tasks with ease and enthusiasm. For example, Becky was recently asked to manage email communications related to the client’s database. Whereas in the past this project was conducted by three staff members, Becky was able to complete everything on her own, on time and with expert results.

In addition, Becky demonstrates a strong ability to resolve customer conflicts and has built great working relationships with the client and the client’s customers. She has a keen eye for detail and always strives to deliver the best experience to customers.

Becky is an exceptional member of our team and truly exemplifies all of Adecco’s core values. For her continued hard work and ability to come through for our client, Becky is a very deserving choice for Associate of the Year!

Great job Becky! Congratulations!