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Congratulations to our Associate of the Month!

Janet Gaylor, our October 2011 associate of the month
Janet Gaylor, our October associate of the month

Janet is a retiree who joined Adecco as an associate to support short-term projects. After completing several successful assignments with rave reviews, she recently took a position as an event assistant for one of Adecco's largest media clients. Once again, Janet exceeded all expectations.

The client was extremely impressed with Janet's professionalism and positive attitude. In fact, the client requested that Janet be brought back for two future event-related projects.

Though she has only been with Adecco for a short time, Janet's hard work has already made her an asset to our client and to our organization as a whole. She has demonstrated teamwork, customer focus and responsibility -- all pillars of Adecco's core values -- which makes her a great choice for Associate of the Month.

Thanks for everything Janet, we appreciate it!

Carol Tisci, our September 2011 associate of the month
Carol Tisci, our September associate of the month

Carol Tisci is a Supply Chain Coordinator at one of Adecco's largest industrial and manufacturing clients. In her role, she is responsible for many tasks -- placing purchasing orders, recording recurring expenses, tracking shipments, monitoring vendors and delivering outstanding customer service to internal and external clients. It's a dynamic position -- one minute Carol can be on the phone with vendors in India placing an order and the next she will be in the warehouse physically verifying inventory. To succeed, Carol needs to display a keen attention to detail and an unwavering ability to multitask.

Judging by our client's feedback, Carol is certainly up for the challenge.

"Wow!" said her manager. "I think that is the most accurate assessment. I have heard nothing but praise about Carol's performance and I think she is very quick on the uptake."

Another client manager agreed, stating "Without a doubt, I am happy to have her as part of the team."

Carol embodies two of Adecco's core values -- customer focus and responsibility -- and for that she makes an outstanding choice for Associate of the Month.

Great job Carol!

Justin Walker, our August 2011 associate of the month
Justin Walker, our August associate of the month

Justin Walker is a Cashiering Operations Specialist at one of the nation's leading investment and financial services firms. In his role, Justin is responsible for processing outgoing wire transactions to financial institutions and confirming outbound wire instructions with clients around the country. In addition to great customer service and data entry skills, a strong attention to detail is essential -- and that's exactly what Justin demonstrated recently when he noticed a discrepancy on a wire transaction and escalated the issue to his management team. It turned out Justin's trepidation was warranted, as the transaction was fraudulent and would have cost the client more than $50,000.

The client was very impressed with Justin's thoroughness and keen eye. Here is what the vice president of his department had to say.

"Outstanding job picking up on a red flag that saved us from a $52,282 fraud loss today," she said. "Thanks so much for really listening and taking the time to escalate this. Great work!"

The senior vice president of the cashiering department also praised Justin's efforts.

"I wanted to add my thanks to you for identifying and preventing this fraud," he said.

"By following procedures and policy, looking for red flags, and active listening we can prevent most frauds, just like you did," he said. "Thanks for your efforts on behalf of our clients and the firm. Great job!"
We couldn't agree more. Justin exemplifies two of Adecco's core values -- responsibility and customer focus -- and he is a great choice for Associate of the Month!
Congratulations, Justin!

Clark Jones, our July 2011 associate of the month
Clark Jones, our July associate of the month

Clark Jones is a Telecommunications Assistant at a large events and entertainment venue in Wyoming. Clark has been a dedicated, dependable and diligent associate with Adecco for more than seven years. While Clark has always proven to be an excellent employee, he recently played the role of the Good Samaritan.

Following an event at the venue, Clark assisted the rest of the staff in cleaning up the arena. During this time, he came across a bank envelope with $200 cash inside of it. Many people may have simply pocketed the money, but Clark turned in the envelope – and all of the cash – to the lost and found.

The client was thrilled with Clark's display of honesty and integrity. They have already awarded him with free tickets to some exciting events. However, they went a step further and urged Adecco to recognize Clark as the July Associate of the Month.

Mission accomplished. Adecco understands that, in these difficult economic times, selfless acts like the one Clark performed are more infrequent – and more valuable than ever before. And we know that his selflessness, along with his strong work ethic and willingness to help out his team members, make him an invaluable asset to Adecco and a great choice for our Associate of the Month.

Congratulations, Clark!

Becky Crain, our June 2011 associate of the month
Becky Crain, our June associate of the month

Becky Crain is a Customer Service Representative who has been instrumental in the success of a large diagnostics and IT company.

"In the year that she has been working with [us], Becky Crain has shown great promise and dedication to our company and her co-workers. Her versatility has helped us in covering many different aspects of the Data Operations team from sales, to administrative work and, most recently, technical support…we have confidence in Becky's abilities and organizational skills and know that we can depend on her to complete tasks above and beyond our expectations."

"Becky has been an instrumental part of our team by consistently meeting and exceeding goals and initiatives. She works well with both the permanent and temporary staff at [our company] and, through her efforts, we were able to collect a substantial amount of accounts that were in past due status, including ones from several years ago that had been classified as uncollectable. We are lucky to have such a great representative working at our company."

Becky has demonstrated what it means to go above and beyond to get the job done. She has become a trusted member of the client's team and a prime example of Adecco's core values; team spirit, customer focus, responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Her hard work and commitment makes her an exceptional employee and a great choice for Associate of the Month.

Congratulations Becky!

Maurice Clark, our May 2011 associate of the month
Maurice Clark, our May associate of the month

Maurice Clark, a file clerk in the Dallas, TX area, was the subject of high praise from one of our clients.

"We have been blessed with the presence of an extraordinary gentleman since January. The records room in HR at our company has certainly seemed a lot brighter since Maurice Clark arrived to help us with a backlog of paperwork and seasonal demands. Maurice is a truly dedicated and proficient worker. He 'gets it done', and has needed little to no direction. Maurice understands the big picture of how the paperwork moves through our HR department, and because of that he is able to facilitate timely record placement and retrieval, always with a smile. Maurice never complains, even when faced with a sudden tedious project he is happy to be busy."

This positive feedback typifies the hard work and positive attitude Maurice brings to the job every day. He demonstrates our core values by going the extra mile to get the job done and taking ownership of his responsibilities.

His exceptional performance makes him an asset to Adecco and a clear choice for this month's Associate of the Month.

Great job Maurice!

Heather Metz, our April 2011 associate of the month.
Heather Metz, our April associate of the month.

Heather Metz was recently the subject of an e-mail message sent to our client from one of their customers -- a soldier stationed in Iraq:

"Recently, I called your service center and the results were spectacular.  I was assisted by one of your support specialists, Heather, and what a great representative of the company you have!  She was courteous, helpful, and understood that I couldn't stay on the phone for more than a few minutes.  Instead of transferring me around and making me sit on hold, she took the lead to get in touch with people that could remedy the situation, following through until the problem was fixed, and exceeding my wildest expectations.  Honestly, I have never been so impressed with customer service."

These personal comments, combined with top performance ratings that landed her in the top 25 of 119 agents, give evidence to Heather's customer focus and explain why she is our associate of the month. 

In fact, Heather demonstrates a number of Adecco core qualities: Accountability, in her commitment to resolve customer issues; teamwork, supporting her peers by listening and swapping shifts; and client focus, preventing escalations by delivering high quality service to her customers from the beginning.  She is a great asset for Adecco, and knows how to leverage her strength and ability for success.

Great work, Heather!

Adam Lunger, our March 2011 associate of the month.
Adam Lunger, our March associate of the month.

Our March Associate of the Month, Adam Lunger, is an in-house associate who has proven to be a highly-valued team member and consultant advocate.

Adecco Engineering & Technical in the Mid-West tech region can't say enough about the value that Adam Lunger has added to their team. Working as an in-house associate for the Adecco E&T team, Adam has quickly learned the company processes/ polices, along with becoming familiar with the many customer-specific on-boarding requirements of the region.

Since joining, Adam has streamlined the branches' existing processes to better suit each office and individual. His work has added a tremendous amount of productivity and value, resulting in higher revenue overall.

Stacey Johnson, a Sr. Technical Recruiter in the region says it best: "Adam literally has become the "go-to" person for both our associates and staff. He continues to go above and beyond to ensure that things run smoothly and are completed on time. We would be lost without him!"

Great work, Adam!

Catherine Lillard, our February 2011 associate of the month.
Catherine Lillard, our February associate of the month.

Our February Associate of the Month, Catherine Lillard, recently won the distinguished Honda President's Award.

While on assignment with Honda, Catherine Lillard's strict adherence to the company's safety procedures to help a fellow coworker resulted in her winning this prestigious award.

In January, Hide Iwata, President of American Honda Manufacturing, awarded Catherine and 7 of Honda associates with the Honda President's Award.

Catherine's adherence to the client's safety procedures is exemplary of Adecco's associate ideals, embodying teamwork, customer focus, and responsibility. Congratulations, Catherine! We are proud to have you on our team and we appreciate your diligent compliance to workplace safety.

Neal Fishbough, our January 2011 associate of the month.
Neal Fishbough, our January associate of the month.

January's Associate of the Month, Neal Fishbough, demonstrates responsibility and commitment that speaks for itself.

Neal Fishbough has worked for Adecco since 2006 as a customer service representative.  Neal is an outstanding, cooperative and dedicated team member. In a recent assignment Neal demonstrated a sense of project ownership, commitment, dedication and participation that was evident to our client from the onset.

"Neal's contributions go above and beyond the call of duty.  His skills, knowledge and experience in the IS function are superb. Neal demonstrated true team spirit and flexibility in balancing his day to day responsibilities with those of the project."
-- Adecco client, New Jersey

Neal's positive attitude, flexibility and commitment to the client's business needs enabled the project to be delivered on time, according to specifications, and within budget. The entire Adecco team in New Jersey considers Neal an asset to our organization, and a shining example of our Associate of the Month designation.

Congratulations, Neal, on this great achievement!  We are proud of you!

Cassandra Jones, our December 2010 associate of the month.
Cassandra Jones, our December associate of the month.

Our associate of the month, Cassandra Jones, always delivers an outstanding customer experience by going the extra smile!

Cassandra has worked for multiple lines of business for Adecco since 2006, filling roles as an executive administrative assistant, executive receptionist, administrative sales support, and more.  She always seems to brighten any environment with her great smile and cheerful disposition. On her most recent assignment as administrative support for the sales department, she was promoted to a sales position as a result of her high level of multi-tasking, customer support, and production standards. Her customers have raved to the client about her in letters and e-mails, praising her service and attitude.  The Oklahoma City office considered her a prime candidate, and received numerous compliments from her assignments.  Congratulations to Cassandra on her success!  We are proud of you.

Trevor Hunter, our November 2010 associate of the month.
Trevor Hunter, our 2010 November associate of the month.

For Trevor K. Hunter, winning our Associate of the Month honor is the cherry on top!

Trevor has been on assignment at Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream as an Ice Cream Mover since March 2007. His proactive work habits and spotless attendance record made an immediate positive impact. Trevor has become known as the "Repack Guru" due to his extensive ice cream repackaging experience. This past year, Trevor helped his department pilot a new project, Rainbow Repack. The success of the Rainbow Repack project is directly tied to Trevor's employee training and troubleshooting efforts. In addition, his strong customer focus and teamwork skills exemplify Adecco's core values and make him an ideal candidate for the Associate of the Month honor. Plus, by all accounts, Trevor is an even better person than an employee. Congratulations, Trevor!

If you know an outstanding associate who exemplifies one or more of our core values (Team spirit, customer focus, responsibility, and entrepreneurship) nominate them for Associate of the Month! Then, watch our website or Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for the announcement of our winners at the end of each month. Monthly winners will receive an American Express gift card. And, at the end of the year, Adecco will name one of our monthly winners Associate of the Year, and award them with our grand prize!

For questions about our Associate of the Month program or to submit a nomination, please contact your local Adecco representative.

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